When is Kai’Sa joining TFT?

Get ready for the Daughter of the Void.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduced Kai’Sa as Teamfight Tactics’ next champion and added the Daughter of the Void to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment just last week. Luckily for TFT fans, it won’t be much longer before Kai’Sa is added to live servers.

Kai’Sa will release as a tier-five Void Assassin Ranger. Since she belongs to three different traits, players will be able to diversify their build paths to see which works best. Her ultimate is her Killer Instinct, in which she dashes past the furthest enemy, gaining a shield and a burst of attack speed for a few seconds.

With Kai’Sa’s release onto live servers next week with Patch 9.19, Riot is slightly changing how the Void trait will work. The other Void units are relatively low in cost, which makes it easy for users to quickly collect three units to acquire the true damage trait bonus. This makes the Void class favorable against a strong defense in the early game, according to TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

As a result, Riot is changing how the bonus will apply. Once Patch 9.19 goes live, collecting two units allows one of the user’s Void characters to deal true damage. After collecting four Void units, users will see all of the true damage bonus applied to all of their Void characters.

Kai’Sa will release with Patch 9.19, which is set to go live on Sept. 25. Until then, fans of the game can try the new Void character out on the game’s Public Beta Environment.