When does the Worlds 2022 song release?

The new track from Lil Nas X drops this week.

Image via Riot Games

Each year, the League of Legends World Championship is celebrated with an official song that serves as the tournament’s anthem throughout its duration. This year, Riot Games is teaming up with Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Nas X in what could be the biggest Worlds song to date. 

League fans (and Lil Nas X fans) won’t have to wait long at all to enjoy the release of “STAR WALKIN’,” the official Worlds 2022 anthem, before the tournament begins later this month. “STAR WALKIN’” will hit music streaming platforms on Thursday, Sept. 22, while the tournament will begin on Sept. 29. 

“STAR WALKIN’” will also feature two music videos, one produced by Riot and another specifically for Lil Nas X, according to a tweet from the artist

In addition to lending his talents for the Worlds song, Lil Nas X was also made “the President of League of Legends” as part of a marketing campaign started by Riot. As part of his term as president, Lil Nas X will be helping to create a prestige edition skin for League’s upcoming champion, K’Sante. 

Lil Nas X will perform the Worlds anthem during the opening ceremony of the World Championship’s grand finals on Nov. 5. He has already performed the song on his most recent tour and recordings of the performance have made their way across the internet. 

“STAR WALKIN’” will be released on Thursday Sept. 22 at 10am CT, while the World Championship will kick off with its play-in stage on Sept. 29. 

Update Sept. 21 10:10am CT: An “executive decree” was issued by “President of League of Legends” Lil Nas X saying that the release date for “STAR WALKIN'” has been pushed up from Sept. 23 to Sept. 22.