When does the 2020 League of Legends PsyOps event end?

Earn all the goodies you can before the event wraps up.

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The latest League of Legends event is here in celebration of the game’s newest spy-themed skin line, PsyOps. Fans will have just under a month to participate in the event and earn rewards with tokens. 

Like Spirit Blossom, the PsyOps skin line will debut in two parts. The first batch of skins, including PsyOps Sona, Master Yi, Vi, Shen, and Ezreal, is now available in the client store. But there will also be a second set of PsyOps skins releasing with the next patch. This second round of skins will include PsyOps cosmetics for Kayle, Zed, Viktor, Pyke, and Samira, League’s upcoming marksman

While the event is live, players will be able to earn tokens that can be exchanged for event-exclusive rewards. To earn tokens, players will need to complete missions that range from killing minions to playing games with a premade party. 

Players can purchase the PsyOps 2020 event pass to unlock additional tokens. Those who purchase the pass will also receive additional missions and a stream of tokens for every game played. The amount of tokens earned at the end of a match will vary based on the game mode and whether the player wins or loses. 

A number of rewards will be available for purchase with event tokens. Just like in previous events, players will be able to unlock summoner’s icons, borders, and event-themed chromas from the Hextech Crafting tab for a limited time. 

Players will also be able to unlock a Prestige edition of PsyOps Ezreal while the event is live. The skin costs 2,000 tokens from the event store. 

When does League’s 2020 PsyOps event end?

The event kicked off today following the release of the first round of PsyOps skins. Players will be able to earn tokens through Oct. 5 at 1:59am CT, according to the PsyOps event shop. Tokens won’t expire until two weeks afterward, however, meaning players will have until Oct. 20 at 3pm CT to spend any leftover tokens before they disappear from their inventory.

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