When does League’s upcoming top laner Gwen go live?

The fighter "tailor-made for top lane" will hit the Rift soon.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Even though League of Legends‘ funky Space Groove event kicks off on April 1, fans will have to wait a bit before they can get their hands on the upcoming champion Gwen.

The Hallowed Seamstress left fans on pins and needles after her champion teaser hinted she was a doll potentially created by Isolde, Viego’s wife. And while we may not get Riot’s confirmation on that for a while, players will get to test her out soon.

When does Gwen hit the live servers?

Gwen should be available for preview on League’s PBE, giving players with access a chance to test her out before she ships. The Hallowed Seamstress will then hit the live servers with Patch 11.8, which should deploy on April 14, according to the official patch schedule.

What can you expect from Gwen’s ability kit?

Gwen’s kit screams outplay potential, letting players dodge abilities and deal tons of damage. It also seems to favor on-hit builds, with a lot of her abilities synergizing with landing basic attacks.

Her Snip Snip! (Q) deals damage in a cone, snipping two to six times. The more auto attacks players land, the more snips you’ll get. Skip ‘n Slash (E) is a dash that gives Gwen’s basic attacks increasing range, speed, and on-hit damage. Attacking an enemy during that time period refunds the dash’s cooldown by 50 percent.

Pair that with her Hallowed Mist (W), which lets her dodge abilities and attacks from enemies outside of the radius, and her Needlework ultimate, which slows enemies and deals bonus damage, and she’ll be a terror to escape from.

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