When does League’s animated series, Arcane, release?

Coming soon on Netflix.

Screengrab via Riot Games and Netflix

After being pushed back last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arcane is only a few months away.

Netflix dropped a kick-ass trailer for Arcane today, featuring champions like Jinx and Vi, a glimpse at Zaun and Piltover, and plenty of action. And now, we finally have an idea of when the League of Legends animated series will release.

When does Arcane release?

The trailer ended with a “coming this fall” tease, giving fans a general idea on when Arcane will be released. With spring just around the corner, we’ll likely have to wait another five or six months before it hits Netflix.

Arcane was originally slated for a 2020 launch but was postponed due to complications with the pandemic. Riot vice president of creative development and IP Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street said in June that “everyone” at Riot was “bummed,” explaining that getting the “creative energy flowing” is hard when you can’t see your coworkers in real life. Nearly a year since that announcement, Riot finally updated fans with a fall release window.

What can you expect from Arcane?

The Arcane announcement trailer from October 2019 described it as an animated series following “the origins of two iconic League champions” and the “power that will tear them apart.” Jinx and Vi will likely be at the center of Arcane, potentially following their relationship and how it soured.

Today’s trailer also featured a slew of other characters, but many of them are unknown at this time. As the series’ release approaches, fans will likely get more information and a set release date.

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