When does League’s Galaxies (Dark Star) event end?

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Image via Riot Games

Galaxies, League of Legends’ latest event, brings a series of intergalactic-themed skins to the game, as well as missions, milestones, and more.

There are two different ways to make the most out of the light vs. dark event with the Galaxies Pass for 1,650 RP and the Galaxies Pass Bundle for 2,650 RP. They might be steep in price, but they offer a range of exclusive goodies. 

The standard pass comes with 200 Galaxies 2020 Tokens and four Galaxies 2020 Orbs, while the bundle includes a Dark Star Malphite skin along with a special icon and border. You can purchase both the Event Pass and the Bundle throughout the event. 

Before you kick off the event, though, you’ll first have to choose between light and darkness. Once you’ve chosen a path, the side with the most engagement will determine Lux’s fate in the lore. You can buy Lux and both of her Cosmic and Dark Cosmic skins for 3,906 RP. The borders will also be included in the Galaxies 2020 Lux Border Set.

Image via Riot Games

Once you buy the Pass or the Bundle, you’ll have access to 20 milestones, each with a reward ranging from an icon to blue essence or a gemstone.

The event started on March 26 and will end a month later on April 27. The missions will no longer be available after the time period, but you’ll have until May 12 at 3pm CT to spend all of your tokens.