What we know about Vex, League’s potential next champion

This gloomy yordle has a major part to play in the Ruination.

Image via Riot Games

The Ruination has been a staple part of League of Legends throughout 2021, and during the year, we’ve gotten to meet many new faces that are joining the battle of good versus evil. The newest member of the fight is a gloomy yordle named Vex who’s joined Viego in his conquest—and she might just be the next champion coming to League.

Vex appears in the Rise of the Sentinels story of the Sentinels of Light event as a central antagonist for the heroes, though she’s been hinted at for some time. She was initially teased in the developer update regarding champions in 2021 back in January, though it was said the yordle would be coming before the mid-lane marksman champion, who we know now is the Rogue Sentinel, Akshan. But in April’s champion roadmap, Riot announced that the yordle mage’s release was pushed back until after the marksman because “she needed a bit more time in development.”

Within the Rise of the Sentinels story, Vex actively acts as a thorn in the side of the Sentinels of Light but also acts as a primary force that connects Sentinels from across Runeterra. She’s working for Viego in an attempt to help him collect all of the pieces of Isolde’s soul, though she seems to be doing so begrudgingly.

Image via Riot Games

This new yordle has been confirmed to be a classic mage. But prior to further development, she was planned to be an artillery mage like Lux or Vel’Koz. The lane she was designed for has yet to be revealed, but considering her niche as a mage, she’ll likely be primarily a mid laner with support tendencies. None of her abilities have been shown yet, though the descriptions of her as anti-action make it seem like she’ll have aspects of her kit that overwhelm some of League’s champions with overloaded kits.

She controls a massive shadow that towers over her and works alongside her to control the Mist, much like Senna, Viego, and Gwen. In almost every region of Runeterra that the Sentinels of Light visited, Vex and her shadow were there to stop them in their tracks, though ultimately ended up helping them more than hindering them. Riot described this melancholy yordle as being exceptionally bored of those she comes in contact with, noting that she “would prefer if we didn’t even bother her at all.” But we do know that she’s not particularly fond of action, or the bright colors of Bandle City for that matter, so her allegiance with Viego might have ulterior motives.

No release date has been given for Vex, nor has any confirmation been given about her actually being the next League champion. Although we’ve learned much about her role in the Ruination through the Sentinels of Light event, much of her character is still yet to be discovered.

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