What is Draft Pick in League of Legends?

Let the games begin!

In most competitive team video games where choosing the characters or heroes play a huge role in the actual gameplay, drafting is one of the most crucial factors to consider. This is when a team puts everything on the line since selecting characters to build their arsenal of skills that will represent them in a match is very important in these types of games.

Sometimes, the game’s outcome is already dictated during the drafting phase of a game, especially in the MOBA genre where the synergy of the characters really matters the most. You need to have proper team coordination right at the draft phase to establish a certain strategy in a match.

Alongside the concept of drafting is the concept of banning, which allows the teams participating in a single match to ban characters from the hero pool available. These characters can’t be used during that certain match, making some hero-dependent combos and strategies disrupted if a team wants to pull off any of these.

And in Riot Games’ League of Legends, the Draft Pick game mode covers it all. Draft Pick is a PvP game mode available in the Summoner’s Rift. This mode allows players to ban champions which can be a crucial factor to build a team’s composition going through the match.

Though playing the Draft Pick mode would require a handful of pre-requisites before you may do so. Players must have at least 20 champions available in their pool. These champions can either be owned or included in a week’s free rotation of champions. But in Ranked games, all 20 champions should be owned since the free champions cannot be used in those.

Normal matches using the Draft Pick mode will require players to be at least level 10. For Ranked Draft Pick mode matches, a player must be level 30 or higher. The process will begin in the lobby wherein all the players will choose their primary and secondary roles. The choices will depend on how many players have queued.

Aside from the Draft Pick mode, players can also use the Blind Pick wherein every time players select a champion, the opponents may not see it until the game will begin. And one player is only for one champion, meaning another player from the opponent team cannot use the same champion when it is already selected.