What does each LCS roster look like in 2022?

The NA scene has been shaken up once more.

Photo via Riot Games

The LCS has finally added a new team to its wall of champions after 100 Thieves took home the crown this past Summer Split. In 2022, however, the League of Legends scene in North America is set to evolve once more, and the league is guaranteed to look different from what we’re used to seeing.

Some big-time imports are heading back home, and new faces are preparing to take their places. New stars have been born within the ranks of the LCS hierarchy, while other teams are getting ready to rebuild with some of NA’s young hopefuls after many disappointing seasons.

The strength of the region will be decided here in the offseason, but fans will have to wait to see which teams will garner their alliances for next year. Here are all the updated rosters set to face off in 2022.

100 Thieves

  • Top lane: Ssumday/Tenacity
  • Jungle: – Closer
  • Mid lane: Abbedagge
  • AD Carry: FBI
  • Support: Huhi


  • Top lane: Summit
  • Jungle: Blaber
  • Mid lane: Fudge
  • AD Carry: Berserker
  • Support: Winsome/Isles

Counter Logic Gaming

  • Top lane: Jenkins
  • Jungle: Contractz
  • Mid lane: Palafox
  • AD Carry: Luger
  • Support: Poome


  • Top lane: FakeGod
  • Jungle: River
  • Mid lane: Blue
  • AD Carry: Neo
  • Support: Biofrost

Evil Geniuses

  • Top lane: Impact
  • Jungle: Inspired
  • Mid lane: Jojopyun
  • AD Carry: Danny
  • Support: Vulcan


  • Top lane: Kumo
  • Jungle: Josedeodo
  • Mid lane: Toucouille
  • AD Carry: Johnsun
  • Support: Aphromoo

Golden Guardians

  • Top lane: Licorice
  • Jungle: Pridestalker
  • Mid lane: Ablazeolive
  • AD Carry: Lost
  • Support: Olleh


  • Top lane: Revenge
  • Jungle: Xerxe
  • Mid lane: PowerOfEvil
  • AD Carry: WildTurtle
  • Support: Destiny

Team Liquid

  • Top lane: Bwipo
  • Jungle: Santorin
  • Mid lane: Bjergsen
  • AD Carry: Hans sama
  • Support: CoreJJ


  • Top lane: Huni
  • Jungle: Spica
  • Mid lane: Keaiduo
  • AD Carry: Tactical
  • Support: Shenyi

We should get to see these rosters in action in January 2022 when the LCS Lock-In begins.

These rosters will be updated as the lineups are confirmed.