Week 6 Day 1: GT’s Hu1 gets a pentakill in his debut match against LGD

Welcome back! I'm Baobao. Let's congratulate GT for coming back in the second game against LGD! We'll be interviewing GT's jungler Hu1. Say hello to everyone. Hu1: Hi everyone. I'm GT's jungler Hu1. Today, you guys were really strong.

Welcome back! I’m Baobao. Let’s congratulate GT for coming back in the second game against LGD! We’ll be interviewing GT’s jungler Hu1. Say hello to everyone.

Hu1: Hi everyone. I’m GT’s jungler Hu1.

Today, you guys were really strong. I heard this was your first time playing this season.

Hu1: Yep.

Wow, do you know how many people want to get a pentakill in their games? Yet, you managed to do this in your first game ever. Do you feel good?

Hu1: I feel good. Haha.

You also performed really well, using Rek’Sai in both of your games. She still seems a bit on the weaker side in this patch. So why did you think it was a good idea to use her in both games?

Hu1: I feel like this champion is very mobile, so I like to use her.

What is the advantage of using her as a jungler?

Hu1: She’s fast at clearing jungle camps and she’s also fast at providing assistance to other lanes.

She must be also good to gank with late-game.

Hu1: Yep.

Hu1 managed to play outstandingly in both games but the first game was a bit of a shame. GT had the advantage early to mid game. What happened in late game?

Hu1: Our team fights were messy and hard to deal with. It seemed as if every single time, Acorn’s Kennen managed to kill off our ADC so our team fights lacked damage output as a result.

The positioning was off.

Hu1: That’s right.

How were you able to fix your mentality for the second game?

Hu1: Because we were pretty satisfied with our performance in the first game, despite our loss, our mentality wasn’t lost.

Do you feel like after celebrating the New Years, your team has changed and returned to form?

Hu1: Yes.

This also counts as GT’s first win in the Year of the Sheep. Even though you lost the first game a bit regretfully, you’ve already performed so well. Your second game went a bit more smoothly. Could you give yourself a rating?

Hu1: 80%

Where’s the other 20%?

Hu1: We executed a lot of things wrong and made a lot of mistakes. There’s a lot I wasn’t able to fulfill personally.

I feel like you’ve already performed pretty well. This is your first time competing, after all. A lot of people in their first game might be nervous and feel a lot of pressure, which affects their performance. Do you feel like you performed to your normal standards?

Hu1: The main thing is that my teammates gave me a lot of confidence so I was able to perform like this today.

So the power of teamwork is there. I was watching you compete before and you looked really happy in the late-game. Did you feel like you could relax?

Hu1: Sometimes, there are some things that are funny that happens in the game.

What do you mean?

Hu1: There was that moment where Imp’s Graves tried to come up from the side so I just killed him.

[reference: Imp was coming up with no vision near river and he was pinched in by Gnar and the rest of the team, and was killed instantaneously]

I can see the the players enjoy themselves in these kinds of games. We hope that we can see more of your outstanding performances down the line.

Hu1: Okay~

Source: http://star.longzhu.tv/lpl/v/93084