Warwick player surprise ganks mid by latching on to Raptor while Syndra tosses it into lane

200 IQ.

Image via Riot Games

Did somebody call for delivery?

One League of Legends player posted a video today showcasing some “Syndra [Warwick] Tech,” using Raptors to pull off a stellar gank on the opposing mid laner.

Warwick’s Jaws of the Beast (Q) allows the jungler to latch on to a target and leap behind them, following their position anywhere on the map. The two players capitalized on that interaction, using the ability for a special delivery.

After Warwick used Q on one of the smaller Raptors, Syndra cast Force of Will (W) to telekinetically grab the monster and bring it to the mid lane. This brought Warwick along for the ride, surprising the opposing Twisted Fate with a perfect fear. Syndra followed up on the crowd control, stunning her enemy with Scatter the Weak (E). The Twisted Fate, unable to move for several seconds, had no choice but to take the death and move on.

Other players commented on the magnificent play, with one creating an alternative title where “Syndra plays fetch with her dog and rewards him with a delicious treat.” Another player likened it to Pokémon, with Syndra yelling “Warwick! I choose you!”

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