Warwick player saves Nexus with clutch 1-vs-5 pentakill in League of Legends

Beware of dog.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player with all the odds against them snagged a one-vs-five pentakill to save the Nexus, posting the video today.

Using Warwick, the player survived with a sliver of health and gave their team a fighting chance at victory.

As five enemies were knocking at the gates, the Warwick player ran at them headfirst. With no Nexus towers left, a play had to be made—and the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun did just that.

Things started off grim as Warwick was stun locked for a few seconds, getting hit by Jax, Xerath, and Senna’s crowd control. The player feared Jax and Master Yi and picked up a quick double kill but only had 200 health remaining.

To close the gap, Warwick used Infinite Duress (R) on Xerath and gained back some health. But Lucian and Xerath continued to chip away at the werewolf’s life points, which dropped as low as 17 HP. Luckily, Warwick regained health from the Triumph rune and his Q ability to finish off the two final targets—and secure the pentakill.

Even though the Warwick player saved the Nexus, they weren’t able to win the match.

“Unfortunately we ended up losing only six or so minutes later when we were pushing into the enemy base and Jax was able to teleport to a ward by our base and auto our Nexus down,” the player said.

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