Warwick player claws back from brink of death against near full-health Nunu

They dropped all the way down to one HP.

Image via Riot Games

Warwick players are usually the ones chasing down the scent of low-health opponents to secure easy kills. In one recent League of Legends match, however, the shoe ended up on the other foot. And despite a near dance with death, the Warwick player turned a fight in their favor with the help of a bit of lifesteal.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week, user dunkeyori showed off a play in which a Warwick player narrowly avoids a death sentence with the champion’s built-in lifesteal as they’re repeatedly attacked by an enemy Nunu.

The video shows the Nunu venturing from the top side of the map through the river with their Biggest Snowball Ever (W), chasing a low-heath Warwick in the enemy jungle. As Warwick was left with less than 170 HP, the Boy and his Yeti saw the opportunity to take down the 6/2/3 wolf and started chasing him while using every ability at their disposal to kill their opponent. 

Nunu uses Snowball Barrage (E) to slow and root the enemy to pack in as much damage as possible—dropping Warwick all the way down to a single point of health—but it’s not enough to secure the kill. They begin to channel Absolute Zero (R), which deals increased damage the longer it’s channeled, depending on the champion’s magic damage. The shorter the casting time, the higher the chances are for enemies to survive the damage. 

But the Nunu player failed to fully channel their ultimate. The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun then flips the script and survives the rest of the damage from Nunu and Willump thanks to their lifestealing abilities. Warwick’s kit allows him to heal for a portion of his health based on the damage he deals to enemy champions. 

During the turnaround, the Warwick player used Jaws of the Beast (Q), which regenerates their health for a portion of the post-mitigation damage dealt by the ability. Another crucial aspect of the champion’s kit is his passive, Eternal Hunger, that provides healing for 100 percent of the post-mitigation damage while the champion is under 50 percent health. The healing is increased to 250 percent while Warwick is below 25 percent maximum health.

With less than 200 HP and only one item, Warwick turned the situation for the best and ended up killing the Nunu. At the end of the clip, the player walks away with nearly half of their HP, 350 extra gold in their pocket, and one more kill to carry their team.

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