Voice chat for League of Legends is being tested right now

Riot developers say things are going well for the much-anticipated feature.

Image via Riot Games

We’ve known that voice chat is coming to League of Legends for a couple of months, and now we know that Riot is actually reviewing it internally, according to a Q&A between players and the Korean Riot team early this week.

Riot had originally decided against voice chat in League in a statement issued almost two years ago, but now the company is going full-steam-ahead to bring the feature to the game, according to a translation posted on Reddit.

Details are still obscure on the status of the project. But the Riot staffers in the Q&A session claim that it’s being actively reviewed internally, and now that the game client has been updated, concrete plans and preparations are coming soon. Keep in mind, however, that nothing has been confirmed yet in an official statement by Riot.

Naturally, Riot doesn’t have a timeline just yet on a release date, but it is “working progressively” to be ready with the new feature when the time does come. The company is also focused on addressing the community’s concerns when it comes to voice chat in League, such as ways to mute toxic players, as well as an opt-in system that would require players to turn the feature on manually to use it.

It’s obviously hard to predict when we can expect the new feature to land, but the pre-season update often makes momentous changes to League. Last year’s changed the entire assassin class of champions, items, and masteries alike. It isn’t far-fetched to assume a Fall release for voice chat after Worlds has concluded.