Vitality win crucial game against Misfits, improve to 4-4 in 2022 LEC Spring Split

Vitality could end the first half 5-4 after a disastrous 0-3 start.

Photo via Riot Games

Team Vitality took down Misfits Gaming today in week four of the 2022 LEC Spring Split to move to 4-4 on the season.

Since their initial 0-3 week, Vitality have been steadily climbing up the split standings. And their opponents today have also been a nice surprise addition to the race for the top five in the LEC. 

This crucial head-to-head match began with an advantage gained by Misfits when jungler Shlatan helped AD carry Neon get a kill onto Vitality’s Labrov for first blood. This was countered by Vitality, who grabbed a kill on the top side of the Rift. Both League of Legends teams continued to find advantages in different parts of the map, putting the early game at a near standstill.

The map was split in half with Misfits controlling the bot side while Vitality maintained pressure in the top side as the match transitioned into the mid game.

Vitality held control of the tempo while Misfits had an advantage in teamfights off the back of their three dragon lead. The game was at an even standpoint with each team having different win conditions as they prepared for a fight for the Ocean Soul at 22 minutes. Vitality denied the soul going to Misfits and found a pick onto Shlatan.

With the Misfits jungler down, Vitality turned toward the Baron, where they grabbed the buff and cleaned up the remaining Misfits members. After that series of objective wins for Vitality, they were able to accumulate a 7,000 gold lead, which helped them make a final push toward Misfits’ base. 

Misfits withstood the initial siege from Vitality off the back of Neon and Vetheo’s late-game damage. But Vitality ultimately took down the Nexus a few minutes later around the 28-minute mark to secure an important win.

Photo via Riot Games

With this victory, Vitality are now tied for fourth place with Misfits as the battle for playoff seeding continues to grow closer.

To finish this week of action, Vitality will play against the winless Astralis, where they’ll have an opportunity to end the first half of the round robin at 5-4. That’d be a respectable record after their 0-3 week one and would mark the first time in the spring that they’d have a positive record. Misfits will look to also improve to 5-4 when they take on SK Gaming to round out the first half of the regular season tomorrow.

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