Viego player turns misplay into 1-vs-5 pentakill in League solo queue

The enemy team gave him all the tools he needed.

A League of Legends player recently showed in a solo queue game just how powerful Viego can be. What started off as some misplays and missing pings spammed between Kai’Sa and Soraka resulted in a one-vs-five pentakill from the Ruined King himself.

The team’s bot lane duo was mispositioned in the enemy’s jungle, where a risky play resulted in a blast cone separating them both and handing over free kills. Viego was left alone to fend for himself, but some quick decisions turned what could have been a poor fight into a huge advantage.

Viego escaped impending doom with his E and made his way to safety in the brush while the enemy team went to take what seemed to be a free dragon. But a quick assassination of an unsuspecting Lux snowballed into this player taking full advantage of his new abilities. The Viego player picked up kill after kill until the entire enemy team’s advantage had been lost.

The opposing Gangplank tried to escape back into his base to prevent Viego from getting the pentakill, but the recently slain Rammus gave Viego the tools he needed to chase down the pirate, stun his movement, and take him down. Shaco even stood around to tank some turret shots while the transformed Viego enjoyed smashing some victory barrels as Gangplank.

The sacrifices of Kai’Sa and Soraka weren’t in vain. This play helped Viego’s team secure a victory in a game that had been close in kills and gold. 

Viego’s introduction to the Rift has been shaky, but plays like this show off the power of the tools that he has at his disposal when placed into the right hands at opportune moments.

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