Viego, Gwen enabled next week during the debut of 2021 LEC Summer Split

The Ruined King will be finally making his competitive debut six months after his release.

Image via Riot Games

Maximillian Peter Schmidt, the head of esports for League of Legends in Europe & MENA at Riot Games, announced today that Gwen and Viego will both be available for their debuts in the 2021 LEC Summer Split.

Gwen is League‘s most recent champion release and was disabled from competitive play since most regions were in playoffs. Meanwhile, Viego has been released for six months and couldn’t make his competitive debut due to various game-breaking bugs.

While this is good news and the community can finally see The Ruined King in action, there are still various bugs that get spotted weekly by the community. Notable League YouTuber Vandiril posted a video today showcasing a huge problem with Viego being unable to cast spells due to lacking mana after possessing enemy champions.

Ever since Viego’s release, his passive Sovereign’s Domination, which allows him to take control of dead enemy champions for a small period of time, has been causing havoc. Since his release from Patch 11.2, it’s been getting hotfixes on a bi-weekly basis to fix some of the game-breaking bugs it causes, but to this day, the problem doesn’t seem to be fully fixed. It’s possible that the Ruined King will be disabled again should any problems arise with his unique skill.

2021 LEC Summer Split is scheduled to kick off next week on Friday, June 11 with a match between G2 Esports and MAD Lions.

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