A teaser was released for this year’s Victorious skin, and no one knows who it is

Jhin? Graves? Gangplank? Just who is the mysterious figure?

Image via Riot Games

This year’s Victorious skin was teased on the official League of Legends Facebook page earlier today—but nobody can tell which champion the skin is for.

The Victorious skin is awarded to players who reach gold rank or higher in the game’s ranked mode each season, as well as giving players the champion it is based on if they don’t own him or her.

This year’s skin teaser, however, is a weird one. The picture shows off a man holding a gun in his right arm with a golden wolf decal emblazoned on the side of his armor. The champion could be Graves, as you can faintly see the champion’s rugged beard and sideburns in the picture—but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating who else it might be.

The size of the gun is small in the picture—nothing like Graves’ normal shotgun—which has drove fans wild with speculation on Reddit and Facebook regarding who this skin might be for. Lucian, Gangplank, and other champions have all had their fair share of speculation, but only one thing is certain: It definitely isn’t Star Guardian Urgot—sorry folks.