Vici Gaming jungler Leyan reportedly receives harsh punishment for abusing the jungle item sell bug in a solo queue game

The jungler has reportedly been banned from all upcoming 2020 events, as well as two matches in the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

Screengrab via Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming jungler Lu “Leyan” Jue has been punished by both his organization and the LPL for abusing a jungle item sell bug in a League of Legends solo queue game, according to a translation by well-known LPL journalist Ran.

The bug allowed Leyan to one-shot most neutral objectives, such as jungle camps, dragons, Rift Herald, and the Baron. He eventually won the game, but all of the other players reported him and news got to both his team and the LPL.

Vici issued a three-month salary deduction, according to Ran. But the LPL stepped in with a much harsher punishment. Leyan has reportedly been banned from the 2020 League All-Star Event, the 2020 LPL All-Star Weekend, the 2020 Demacia Cup, and the first two series of the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

Additionally, Leyan has been banned from the popular Chinese super server for three years and Vici was issued a 50,000 yuan fine (equivalent to $7,500), according to Ran.

Leyan was previously a jungler for Invictus Gaming in 2019. He was brought in for former world champion Ning, who was going through a slump at the time.

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