Vi will be disabled for week 7 of 2020 LEC Spring Split

Bye bye, Vi.

Image via Riot Games

Vi, League of Legends’ gauntlet-wearing keeper of the peace, will be disabled for week seven of the LEC. She has a potentially game-breaking bug and will sit out from competitive play until further notice.

Riot has chosen not to share the details concerning Vi’s bug because it’s afraid players will exploit the champion. She’ll remain available to play in ranked for the time being, however.

“The reason that the barrier for a client disable is higher than the barrier for competitive play is that pro players are able to use certain issues to their advantage more consistently than us “non-pros,” said LEC league operations lead Maximilian Peter Schmidt.

Despite being temporarily disabled, Vi hasn’t seen action in the LEC in 2020. Last year, she was played a total of two times and won 50 percent of her games. She’s fallen out of favor over the past few years and has become almost redundant in the meta. Bigger and better champions lead the way in competitive play, with Gragas, Jarvan IV, and Lee Sin taking the highest priority

In solo queue, Vi has a 50.82 percent win rate in Platinum and above. She’s by no means a bad champion, but in the fast-paced, snowball-focused meta with games typically ending at the 30-minute mark, she leaves much to be desired.

The LEC kicks off again on Friday, March 6 with Vitality taking on Rogue.