Vetheo’s Sylas turns around a lost game for Misfits, keeps their LEC playoff hopes alive

The 18-year-old mid laner had one of the best performances of his career.

Image via Riot Games

Misfits pulled off an important upset over MAD Lions today in the 2021 LEC Spring Split. What felt like a won game for MAD Lions quickly turned into a desperation call fight after fight once Misfits’ Vetheo decided to take the fate of the game into his own hands.

The 18-year-old mid laner used Sylas to annihilate his opponents even while being behind in gold in all lanes. He was one of the main reasons why Misfits managed to beat MAD Lions, keeping their 2021 LEC Spring Split playoff hopes alive.

This League of Legends showdown began with a lot of action around the bottom lane. After a couple of early-game kills by both teams, the match stabilized once both teams decided to play defensively and focus on farming instead.

Once MAD Lions reached their power spike, they started funneling resources into securing vision around the Baron to pick the buff up. Misfits tried to put a stop to them and paid with their lives, falling 7,000 gold behind. The game looked lost after MAD Lions secured two inhibitors and went to pick up the last one. But Misfits pulled the trigger with Vetheo’s Sylas leading the charge, realizing that they wouldn’t last if they lost their last inhibitor.

MAD Lions maintained a huge gold lead and were on their way to win the game with Misfits’ base exposed, but a heroic play by Vetheo in the last teamfight helped his squad eliminate their opponents and secure the win against all odds.

With their current record, Misfits (7-9) are tied for sixth place with S04. Both teams have been looking exceptional in their last couple of matches, so the battle for the final playoff spot will be fierce. Excel (5-10) are trailing behind and would need to win all of their remaining matches to overtake either Misfits or S04 for the playoff spot.

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