V5 crumble against JDG’s flawless performance in 2022 LPL Summer Split week 8

JDG swept V5 to secure a spot in the LPL's Summer Playoffs.

Screengrab via LPL

Fans highly anticipated today’s confrontation between JDG and V5. While V5 had their shining moments in the LPL series, JDG showed why they are the top League of Legends team in the 2022 Summer Split standings by clinching a sweeping 2-0 victory over their opponents.

V5 began their first game with a sneaky jungle invade, gaining two early kills over their rivals. But JDG remained unphased, instead focusing on farming so their players could buy their core items. 

While V5 won skirmishes thanks to Photic’s Kalista, their defense fell after they lost the first Baron. JDG’s 369’s Gwen became the frontline against V5 in teamfights, while Hope’s Aphelios kited the enemy from the backline all the way to their enemies’ Nexus.

Game two had a similar story. V5 secured a gold lead over JDG thanks to Karsa’s Lee Sin and Rookie’s Sylas that secured early kills. Unfortunately for V5, poor positioning helped JDG bounce back into the game. 

369’s Gnar helped set up teamfights for his team while Hope’s Kalista dealt the final strike. Hope walked away with a 9/2/10 KDA as JDG finished game two with a win, securing the series.

With this victory, JDG earned their spot in the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffs with a 12-1 record. Their next match will be tough, as they take on the MSI 2022 and LPL Spring 2022 winners RNG on July 30. 

Although they remain in third place after this loss, V5 may want to go back to the drawing board to work on their mistakes, including their habit of forcing teamfights when they are clearly outnumbered. Their next match will be up against OMG on July 31.