Urgot’s update goes live tomorrow—here’s everything you need to know

We might be losing Urgot as the "worst champion ever" meme, but at least we get a badass new juggernaut.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been nearly eight years since Urgot graced the world with his presence. He’s lived through these past eight years as League of Legends’ resident meme champion—so grotesque and horribly under-powered that just picking him in champion select warrants laughter.

His major gameplay and visual update is coming tomorrow, according to the official patch notes. It’s the end of an era and the death of a meme, but at least we get a cool new champ out of it.

Major gameplay updates like this one are always hard to wrap your head around. After all, it changes everything from animations to abilities to skins and more. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Urgot.

His kit is very unique, very fun, and very beefy

We already went into the full details on each of his new abilities, but we’ll touch on them here. His damage now centers around his new W and passive. His passive, Echoing Flames, fires blasts of flames from his knees in shotgun-like cones whenever he auto attacks in the same direction as one of his legs. Each leg has its own internal cooldown, and they deal reduced damage to champions if you’ve already hit that champion with one charge.

His W, Purge, fires a machine gun as Urgot’s auto attacks, grants him slow resist, a huge shield, and makes him a little slower. You should max this ability first in almost every game. Purge prioritizes champions that are locked onto. His Q and his E both lock onto whatever champion you hit, so use those abilities to lead your assault. Each hit from Purge applies on-hit effects, so don’t be surprised if items like Blade of the Ruined King or Frozen Mallet pop up every so often on Urgot.

His ultimate ability is horrifying. He fired out a drill that sticks into an enemy, and if they’re brought to low enough health before the drill goes away, Urgot can re-activate the ability to drag the victim to him and instantly kill them. The only way to stop Urgot from instantly munching up your ally is to kill him first.

His skins are awesome

Just like any major gameplay redesign, Urgot’s skins were all remade as well, and they’re amazing now.

Butcher Urgot

Battlecast Urgot

Giant Enemy Crabgot

Base Urgot

He’s a proper juggernaut now

Before this update, Urgot was a mess. He was a weird mixture between a tank and an ADC, and his item builds and playstyle reflect that. Now, he’s going to be a juggernaut, and he actually builds like one, too.

When choosing your items on Urgot, think of him like he’s Gnar, because there are a lot of similarities. Where Gnar switches between forms to determine if he skirts the outside of a battle or goes full ham and dives into the front line, Urgot can do either of those things with his regular abilities. He also has a huge level six power spike, just like Darius or Garen, due to his terrifying ultimate.

Black Cleaver makes sense as a rush on Urgot, just like the other juggernauts of the game. It will give him a lot of good damage while allowing him to tank up. After the Cleaver, building full tank items will probably be best, but in the days and weeks following his release, some players may opt into building a BotRK or Frozen Mallet as his second items. Just like Gnar, the Mallet would work considerably well on Urgot due to his ranged attacks. With Purge hitting so quickly, Urgot could really get a lot of use out of the on-hit slow from the item.

It’s weird to say it after he’s been a meme for so long, but Urgot actually feels… good. With his scary new abilities and solid new look, he seems like he could actually be a good champion and a contender for the meta. In the midst of the tank meta, Urgot should fit right in.