Urgot player saves team from imminent defeat in 2-vs-5 Nexus fight

Shotgun knees save the day.

Image via Riot Games

When push comes to shove, you can always rely on shotgun knees.

What seemed to be a secured win for the blue side in this game of League of Legends quickly turned on its head thanks to a two-vs-five outplay by the enemy Urgot. 

In a clip shared to Reddit, all hope seemed to be lost when Darius and Zoe led the blue team into the nexus towers. Lee Sin kicked Darius away in desperation, but little did he know he’d be setting up the perfect situation for Urgot.

The man-crab with shotgun knees took advantage of the kick, knocking down Darius’ health while taking advantage of the massive shield granted by Gargoyle Stoneplate—made even larger thanks to all of the enemies in his immediate vicinity. Then, knowing his ultimate was available, the player launched Fear Beyond Death at the nearby low-health Darius to execute him. But before the execution, he flashed into the rest of the blue team to activate the ultimate’s fear effect on all of the enemies, securing a triple kill and leading his team to a win.

The Urgot player left the Platinum game as the MVP, according to League stats site OP.GG, sporting 11 kills—three of them secured in that game-defining Nexus battle.

As the old saying goes, it’s not a great idea to bring a knife to a gunfight. And when the gunfight involves a giant enemy man-crab with guns attached to his many mechanical legs, perhaps it’s best to retreat before he single-handedly wipes your team.

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