Unicorns of Love inks sponsorship with Billy Boy condoms

The jokes write themselves.

European League of Legends team Unicorns of Love has made it a point of separating itself from its contemporaries.

Everything from the team’s comically over-the-top name to its players neon-pink jerseys have made the team stand out. So maybe it’s not all too surprising that the team has the same approach towards sponsorships, with Unicorns of Love becoming the first esports team to receive a sponsorship from a condom manufacturer.

Billy Boy, the world’s second-largest condom manufacturer, has become a co-sponsor of the team, and will have its logo featured on player jerseys throughout the rest 2018.

Additionally, Billy Boy and Unicorns of Love will be working together to channel a positive message concerning safe sex to, presumably, the team’s fans. So if a UoL staffer approaches you with a banana, don’t worry—it’s all part of the plan.

“We had it going on right from the start and something clicked between us and UoL, because the Unicorns are not only the sexiest team in Esports, but we’re also excited to use their influence as a team to jointly educate their fanbase about safer sex and responsibility,” Billy Boy brand manager Johannes Zerger told Esports Insider.

As far as lewd or racey esports initiatives go, the partnership between Billy Boy and Unicorns of Love is on the safer side. Pornography site YouPorn has made multiple attempts in the past to sponsor already established esports organizations, and has fielded squads in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the past. While its esports initiatives proved unsuccessful in the past, YouPorn is looking at making a comeback in the industry with the introduction of its very own tournament series called, appropriately, Nutaku.

It’s certainly a unique sponsorship deal, but it could end up being a positive one. Maybe Unicorns of Love fans will learn from the team how to protect themselves in the bedroom, as well as on the Rift.