Udyr set to receive heavy nerfs in League Patch 11.7 preview

Other junglers, including Hecarim and Ivern, are also set to receive nerfs.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter unveiled upcoming changes to 17 champions in the Patch 11.7 preview today. 

The biggest nerf of Patch 11.7 comes to Udyr. The champ is being hit with the nerf hammer for the third time in the last two months.

The Spirit Walker is slated to receive direct nerfs to his abilities and kit. But in addition, his core item, Turbo Chemtank, is also expected to be nerfed by way of a reduction in movement speed.

Udyr posts a pick/ban presence of 68.1 percent in professional play across all major regions, according to League stats site gol.gg, making him one of the most contested champions in all of pro League

Other junglers scheduled to be directly nerfed on Patch 11.7 include Hecarim and Ivern, who have also been receiving a constant stream of nerfs over the course of the last few weeks. 

A large slate of champions are scheduled to receive buffs, though. Most notably, Kindred and Amumu will have their power increased in Patch 11.7. Earlier in the year, those two champions were made noticeably stronger by preseason changes as they crept their way into solo queue and even professional play before receiving nerfs. 

Additionally, other popular champions like Ashe, Braum, and Yasuo are expected to receive buffs of some sort in the near future. 

More detailed changes to the champions listed above, as well as several others, are expected to be revealed tomorrow. Patch 11.7 is scheduled to hit live servers on March 31, according to the official League patch schedule.

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