Tyler1 flashes and walks away from computer after Teemo takes his blue buff while leashing

And it’s hilarious.

Photo via Riot Games

If hindsight is 20/20, then Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp definitely has it.

The notorious Draven-main-turned-jungler certainly had reason to tilt during his Twitch broadcast today. With a Teemo running Smite leashing his Blue Sentinel, Tyler1 was initially worried that the Yordle would intentionally steal the buff. It turns out the rodent’s poison would be the culprit, however.

“I’m interested to know, does he leash or does he steal it?” Tyler1 said. “Nice, it’s a fucking leasher.”

But Tyler1 was eventually disappointed. Immediately after Teemo’s poison delivered the final blow to the blue buff, Tyler1 flashed in place, put his headphones down, and walked out of the room.

The streamer returned shortly after and continued his jungle clear without the summoner spell.

Tyler1 continues his goal of reaching Challenger playing jungle only, abandoning Draven and the AD carry role. The streamer is set on proving that jungling is an easy position to climb with, especially with the sorry state of marksmen in the current meta. T1 sits at Diamond four with a 55 percent win rate and has put a lot of time into Lee Sin, Kindred, Olaf, and Elise.

Fans who want to watch some more T1 jungle gameplay can tune in to his Twitch channel.