Tyler1 decimates enemy team with Karthus ultimate and Elder Dragon buff

Press R, win game.

Photo via Riot Games

It seems that Twitch streamer Tyler1 may have finally mastered Karthus’ No. 1 mechanic—pressing R.

The Draven-main-turned-jungler used the Deathsinger to absolutely destroy the enemy team during his Twitch broadcast today. By using Karthus’ powerful late-game ultimate and the Elder Dragon buff, Tyler1 helped his team snag a victory.

Tyler1 started the play in a precarious position, getting charmed by the enemy Rakan and having multiple adversaries in front of him. But a well-timed Zhonya’s Hourglass bought enough time for the streamer to flash away and get to safety.

All that was left was the R button. Karthus’ Requiem, paired with the execution from the Elder Dragon, decimated the enemy team as the drake’s roar echoed throughout Summoner’s Rift.

“Woo,” Tyler1 yelled in excitement.

Despite Karthus’ success in Tyler1’s hands, the champion sits at a 48-percent win rate in Platinum ranks and above, according to Champion.gg. The recent jungle XP buffs certainly helped the mage’s cause, but farming junglers can often be counter jungled early in the game.

The former ADC main switched over to jungle to prove that it’s an easy role to climb with. Tyler1 has been spamming Lee Sin, Olaf, and Karthus, boasting over 60-percent win rates on each of them. He’s in his promos for Diamond one right now.

Fans eager to watch Tyler1’s climb to Challenger can tune in to his Twitch channel.