Tyler1 congratulates himself on his first Baron steal as a jungler

"He did it."

Screengrab via Tyler1

It seems Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp had some cause for celebration during his broadcast yesterday after he picked up his first Baron steal as a jungler.

And if seeing it go down live wasn’t enough, the notorious League of Legends player replayed it over again to congratulate his past-self.

With Baron whittling down, Tyler1 threw a Lee Sin Q on the enemy Graves and used it to get inside the pit. After hitting Smite immediately, the streamer was ecstatic to read the words “Your team has stolen Baron Nashor” on screen.

“I did it,” Tyler1 yelled. “My first stolen Baron. Yes.”

While rewatching the replay, T1 clapped, pointed at himself, and affirmed that “he did it.” The Baron steal proved monumental, helping Tyler1 and his team snag a victory.

The AD carry main decided to switch things up this season by starting an unranked to Challenger series and playing jungle only—and it’s definitely been amusing to watch. With AD carry being a difficult role to carry on because it can take a long time to ramp up, the streamer wanted to try jungling instead. Tyler1 is now Diamond four with a 58 percent win rate and a 68 percent win rate on Lee Sin.

Fans eager to watch some more T1 gameplay can tune in to his Twitch channel, where he continues his quest to prove that jungling is easy.