7 December 2017 - 18:05

Turkey's All-Stars team canceled scrims at the last minute to stay at Disneyland

Honestly, who can blame them?
Image via Riot Games

When you visit Los Angeles for the first time, there are certain experiences you expect to have while you're there. One such hallmark experience is visiting Disneyland—the magical wonderland of princesses and mouse ears. So, naturally, when Turkey's 2017 All-Stars team came to town for this weekend's tournament, they paid the theme park a visit.

There was a bit of a problem, though. They enjoyed their stay in Disney so much that they elected to cancel their scrims at the last minute to remain in the park later than they had originally planned, according to a disgruntled tweet from Brazil's team coach, Peter Dun.

Even if Turkey's team isn't taking the event particularly seriously, which isn't rare as the All-Stars event is known for being the fun, spontaneous sister of MSI and Worlds, there are certainly teams taking this tournament seriously. Brazil is one such team, and coach Dun isn't too thrilled about Turkey's last-minute decision for fun in the sun.

"Don't care that they go to Disney instead of scrim," Dun said in a follow-up tweet. "Disneyland is great. All teams (including BR) went. I care [that] we had 2 days of scrims before an international tournament (10 games) and now get 2 as a team who never played together before. Don't book then cancel at last minute."

Reading through the replies on the original tweet, and various comments on Reddit, it's clear that there are two very polarized camps when it comes to this particular event. The first side agrees with Dun, and even though All-Stars isn't as serious a tournament, it isn't fair to the other teams to make obligations to scrim and then back out.

The opposition believes that Disneyland, and fun in general, is worth it, and upholds the spirit of the event. Turkey's team, obviously, resides in this camp.

Asim "fabFabulous" Cihat, SuperMassive eSports' top laner, who appears to be traveling with his teammates on the All-Stars roster, replied to Dun's tweet with a tongue-in-cheek photo of him and the other players riding Splash Mountain.

This, of course, sparked even more debate in the replies. Former LCS player and coach Ram "brokenshard" Djemal chimed in saying that if he were Dun, he'd be just as mad.

Whether you're on the side of Turkey or Brazil in the case of Disneyland vs. scrims drama between minor regions, you can at least agree on one thing—watching a rivalry between the two regions start at All-Stars because of something so silly would be quite entertaining to watch on the big stage. Maybe Turkey will wear mouse ears during their games. The possibilities are endless.

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