TSM’s 2016 roster reunion finishes LCS in-houses with perfect 2-0 record


Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games postponed the LCS this week due to coronavirus concerns, but that didn’t stopped Ovilee May, Azael, CaptainFlowers, and 20 of North America’s finest from providing some great content for League fans.

TSM’s 2016 lineup reunited on Summoner’s Rift for today’s LCS in-house games, winning both of their matches of the day. It was equally entertaining for the fans, as it was for all the players.

Whether they were losing or winning, this TSM roster kept everything lighthearted with hilarious banter between all of the teammates. Once the games started to heat up, however, you could still hear the classic team communication that made this roster deadly in late-game situations in the LCS.

From Bjergsen stealing Baron for his team to Doublelift showing off his expert kiting, this weekend reminded fans that TSM once had the scariest lineup in the region. Although we might never see this roster together again, it’s nice for TSM fans and LCS fans alike to see them having fun in unruly and restless times.

This past weekend showed how resilient the League of Legends community can be in the face of adversity. Even though games in the LCS and LEC were canceled, people were quick to band together and create something special for fans around the world.

Hopefully for NA fans, we can see more LCS in-houses like this again, and maybe next time, we can see more reunions of former teammates in the future.