TSM overpower Cloud9, retain first place at the end of the LCS Summer Split week 3

One team sits on the LCS throne, while the other continues to fall.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

Cloud9’s quick crumble from the top of the LCS grew one step further tonight, cementing TSM as the new leaders of North American League of Legends.

In a complete snowball from beginning to end, TSM picked up yet another victory against their long-standing rivals Cloud9, securing the team’s first place standing at 19 wins and eight losses.

Cloud9 pulled out all the stops in their last attempt of the weekend to secure a win and maintain their status as the top team in the LCS. With a mix of powerful meta champions, Cloud9 deviated from their normal all-around playstyle to center around a composition ready to engage TSM at any moment and peel for Perkz and K1ng. But TSM had the answer in the form of a giant bear in the jungle.

Spica made Fudge’s life miserable with constant roams on his Volibear into the top lane, carrying over into complete topside river control that placed Perkz behind in the process. Blaber, the MVP of the Spring Split, was up in objectives and gold, but being unable to engage securely without the fear of the bear running in put him behind very quickly.

Eyes were on the PowerOfEvil vs. Perkz match in the mid lane, placing two of League’s esports veterans against one another once more in a matchup where there was sure to be a lot of action. PoE’s Viktor ended up being a crucial component of TSM’s late-game teamfight-oriented composition, providing the burst damage and the crowd control necessary to make Perkz look little more than an enemy minion—though Perkz’s burst damage as Syndra was nothing to scoff at before the game began to roll in TSM’s favor.

One quick Baron from TSM after some Lee Sin freestyle from Huni wasn’t enough for TSM’s top laner. When the second Baron spawned, Huni took advantage of every gap in Cloud9’s defenses to jump right in and throw them into the TSM squad. Spica walked away as the player of the game through his complete jungle control, complemented by allowing Huni to get as far ahead as he did.

With this victory, TSM secured their spot on the throne as the LCS’s top team, with 100 Thieves trailing not that far behind. Cloud9, on the other hand, now join Team Liquid in third place following their third loss this weekend and gained another chip in their morale.

Week four of the LCS will begin on June 25 with a match between Evil Geniuses and Liquid to better organize the middle of the LCS standings.

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