[Translation] Week 9 day 3: Pros cast LPL matches — OMG Special!

Guest for Day 3: Night of OMG SHRC vs. WE Game 1: Pre-game Banter Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98118 Hostess: Very happy to have 3 OMG members as our guests today. What do you guys think about this game?

Guest for Day 3: Night of OMG


Game 1: Pre-game Banter

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98118

Hostess: Very happy to have 3 OMG members as our guests today. What do you guys think about this game?

Pomelo: I think WE played well in IEM. I stayed up all night watching them. I remember we watched it together in the team house.

Hostess: How do you guys think you will fare against the 3 carries of WE (ADC. Mid, Jungle)? Since they are top 3 in solo Q and same position as you guys.

Pomelo: I think 55kai (50-50, meme for Whitezz). Both skill and appearance wise.

(Hostess spends the next few minutes plugging OMG merchandise)

Pick & ban

San: I think Namei is very calm and collected. He plays smart.

San: WE picked Morgana, it becomes really difficult for SHRC. Morgana counters Leona, but does not counter Nami, and that’s why SHRC picked her instead. Nami is very strong in lane. If WE picks a weak ADC, they have to lane swap.

Pomelo: Sion for old driver Aluka! People said when Aluka picks Sion, he becomes a god. But it would be hard for him to crash into the enemy team comp. since they have Leblanc and other mobile champs. San, what skill should Nami level up first?

San: She should level Q first. I do that with Xiyang in solo Q.

Pomelo: WE became so much stronger after replacing their mid and ADC.

San: Honestly, among pro players skill level is about the same. All it matters it how they affect the team.

Pomelo: Btw San, did you wear underwear today? (Pomelo revealed in a previous show that San doesn’t like to wear underwear and often walks around butt naked in the gaming house)

San: Yes, just for you.


Pomelo: What do you guys think was the key mistake that SHRC made this game?

San: Early game, Namei got binded twice by Morgana. And later when they pushed mid, Maokai messed up hard in that team fight. Honestly, WE gave them a lot of chances to win the game, but both sides played too impatiently without proper preparations.

Hostess: Congrats WE!

Game 2: Pre-game Banter

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98120

(VOD skipped to P&B)

Pick & ban

Hostess: SHRC didn’t ban Xiye’s champions this game. WE took out Maokai.

Pomelo: What champions do you guys think do well against Janna?

Xiyang: I feel Lulu has easy a matchup against Janna.

San: Annie is also good against Janna. Ultimately, it depends on whether the ADC is stronger or not.

Pomelo: Viktor pick for Xiye. He is stronger against Ahri in lane than Diana. Namei looks really serious this game.

San: Ya, he messed up the tempo for SHRC last game.

Xiyang: Do you guys think SHRC will use Irelia support? I think IM used Irelia well, she looked pretty strong.

San: Aluka once again with his “crash god” Sion! Wow, they locked in Irelia support!

Pomelo: This is the first time she is used in LPL.

Xiyang: She pairs well with Kalista because when Irelia goes for all-in, which she does at level 6, Kalista can pull her back if she needs to escape.


Hostess: Congrats WE! As we planned before the show, let’s unravel all the mysteries for OMG today. Time to play “explain the pictures”!

Pomelo: Ah that’s the one when we went on vacation together. Let’s guess who was in this picture. Ok the guy wearing white shirt is me, the guy with red pants is Cool, and after Cool is San. It looks like San is spooning Cool in the picture. Their lower parts are a bit too close don’t you think?

San: Isn’t Cool just as close to your butt?

Pomelo: No there is a small space. Unlike yours that is touching!

Hostess: Where’s Loveling?

Pomelo: He is the guy taking the picture.

Hostess: Ok, next picture!

(Translation text: The day that Loveling disappeared, Cool found him in Gogoing’s house. Loveling never asked why Cool went to Gogoing’s house on that day)

Pomelo: You guys should enlarge the picture to show what is on the computer screen. It’s more important than the text.

Hostess: Basically the monitor shows two men kissing while laying down.

Pomelo: Loveling smirked at me, then I glanced at his screen and saw this.

San: Oh I have seen this picture. I think Loveling is smiling while looking at the screen.

Hostess: Pomelo said this before — if Loveling ever threaten me with anything, I will leak this picture.

Pomelo: Ya and I have a nude picture of him in my phone. He is also like San: doesn’t like to wear underwear in the gaming house and walks around butt naked.

San: That only happens in the middle of he night when everyone is sleeping. Unfortunately, that night Pomelo was still awake and I ran into him.

Pomelo: Ya it was weird, I saw him near a computer, and then he stuck his head out after seeing me and immediately went to get something to cover his lower parts.

Hostess: So you guys all sleep butt naked?

Pomelo: Mostly San and Loveling. And these guys don’t even bother themselves when they get up to get a cup of water.

San: Pomelo you keep stealing my underwear! How am I supposed to wear them?

Pomelo: Cool always asks, did you steal his underwear? Then he sniffs the underwear to find out. You guys don’t know Cool off air. When he can’t find his underwear, he always asks, “who is playing with my underwear again?”

Xiyang: It’s especially weird when he says that at dinner.

Pomelo: And when it comes to Xiyang, it’s all about his “secret girlfriend”. Actually we can’t confirm whether it’s a girl or boy.

Xiyang: Definitely a girl. I am not a fan of boys.

Pomelo: I don’t believe you.

OMG vs. IG

Game 1: Pre-game Banter

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98123

Pomelo: Back to the topic of underwear, let me just clarify that Cool wasn’t speaking to me; he was seriously asking Loveling to stop playing with his underwear at night.

Hostess: How is the relationship between Cool and Loveling recently?

Pomelo: Pretty good, a bit of bedtime drama though. Eventually they will accept their feelings for each other and come out the closet. I hope I didn’t flame them too hard lol, they have some pictures of me in their phones.

Hostess: So how do you guys live together?

Pomelo: Well there are 4 rooms. I sleep with Luo, San/Loveling/Cloud sleeps on a big bed.

San: Nah, two joint beds.

Pomelo: Then Xiyang sleeps with Uzi. And Cool sleeps by himself.

Xiyang: Hard to push Uzi in bed. He turns a lot, and when he does it’s like he is hitting you. His hand will just hit my face. Occasionally, he turns over and put his arms on me like he is hugging me.

San: Sometimes we don’t get good rest because we have up to 5 people sleeping in my room. Dada7 also sleeps on the other side of Cloud.

Pomelo: Their room is huge. Their washroom is larger than my bedroom for 2 people.

San: Ya because we have so many people in the room.

Pomelo: The other problem with their room is, everyday there are tons of people that come to my room to use the washroom. San is especially disgusting. He never flips the toilet seat when he pees. I really want to curse him when I have to go take a dump.

Pick & ban

Pomelo: IG is known as the king of 1:1. Most of our games are 1:1 nowadays. Speaking of Gogoing, he is one of the oldest top lane players, therefore he has a lot more experience than zztai.

San: So I wasn’t here, and I heard Pomelo flamed me again.

Pomelo: Wasn’t I speaking the truth? You never flip the toilet seat when you pee.

San: Of course I do. Do you watch me when I pee?

Pomelo: Sometimes I get so annoyed I lock my room so people can’t use my washroom. But they would keep knocking the door until I get up. Not only they knock but they also flame me for locking the door.

Hostess: It looks IG picked a very flexible comp.

Xiyang: This meta most likely Cho mid. He dies too easily top.

San: I don’t think Kid will play Ezreal — too weak in lane. If he does, then they will most likely lane swap. They have a good team fight comp. but not as good laning.

Pomelo: IG doesn’t have a lot of CC. I don’t think Nidalee is very flexible. She is only flexible in the jungle, but in team fights OMG can hard engage with Sona and Cho’gath. I hope Cho’gath can get beefy mid since he is very good at stopping IG’s poke.

San: I think OMG has the advantage here. IG’s poke comp. has to get ahead early, or the game would be difficult for them. For OMG, their team comp. has an equal chance in all phases the game.


San: IG successfully evaded Sona’s Flash ult early, then OMG couldn’t find a tempo to get back in the game later on.

(Live karaoke of OMG’s Light of the Planet song)

[47:50] http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98123

Game 2: Pre-game Banter

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/98122

(VOD skipped to P&B)

Pick & ban

Pomelo: Feels like we are going to get flamed by the fans. “You lost the game and you dare to sing?!”

Pomelo: I feel OMG has a strong team morale, but they played poorly.

San: It’s like our team doesn’t know how to use their powerspikes and advantages properly.

Pomelo: I think Nunu didn’t pair with Cho very well. He should have picked Vi with Cho’gath for that 2v2 power mid. Rek’sai for IG, possible for zztai to play him top. Looks like IG is playing super late game with the Kog’maw.

San: I think IG is saving their mid pick for last.

Pomelo: Leblanc/Annie vs. Nami/Kog. OMG’s bot duo is playing to win lane.

San: I feel Nami/Kog has the edge. Better sustain and longer range poke. Lately, Diana feels very inconsistent as a champion.

Xiyang: Diana is too reliant on landing her Q.

Pomelo: I don’t like the Nunu pick. It usually goes well with either Jinx or Kog, or even a Caitlyn. OMG will most likely lane swap; Lulu+Annie roam is very powerful.


Hostess: Looks like our cheering squad failed. Next time we should finish singing the entire song. See you guys next week! 

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