TOP Esports hand EDward Gaming first loss of the 2021 LPL Summer Split

Karsa stepped up during this series to secure this win for his team.

Photo via Riot Games

TOP Esports defeated EDward Gaming in a convincing 2-0 series in the 2021 LPL Summer Split today.

Going into this League of Legends match, EDG was highly favored since the team destroyed its opposition in all matches they’ve had during the split. TES looked shaky, losing a lot of matches due to poor decisions, but in the end, they stepped it up when it mattered.

The MVP votes were picked up by Karsa and JackeyLove, two formidable players who played their hearts out in today’s series against the undefeated EDG. The jungler picked Diana in both games and had a stellar early game, securing early leads for his team all across the map. JackeyLove picked up Draven and Aphelios to dismantle the opposing bottom lane. Even though he was the target of many ganks, he pulled through the laning phase with success before going into the midgame with a gold and item lead due to superior farm.

The first game of the series opened up with safe play from both teams. EDG played safely due to their opponents’ potential shown in previous splits, despite knowing it had the edge. Karsa went for several early gank opportunities with his Diana pick to help his laners. Though not all of them were successful, he managed to secure a couple of crucial kills early into the match. He went to pick up neutral objectives for his team before becoming a huge teamfight menace for EDG. His decisive engages helped his team secure the first win of the series in a convincing fashion.

EDG adjusted its bans going into the second game, but it wasn’t enough to shut down TES, which was on a quest to deliver EDG’s first loss. Three champions that helped TES win the first match went through the ban phase uncontested and TES picked all three up in the first two rotations. This array of champions was crucial into the second game once again with Lee Sin, Diana, and Thresh having a huge impact across the map.

One player who gave it all to help TES succeed was JackeyLove. He picked up Draven, one of the most offensive AD carry champions, to exert a lot of pressure on the bottom side and drag attention away from other lanes. This tactic was successful and TES was able to grow a lead across the map, before closing out the series 2-0.

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TES (4-2) will be back on the Rift next week with two matches against Victory Five and Suning. Both teams looked weaker compared to TES and should prove no challenge for the team that upset EDG.

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