Top Esports extend win streak to 7 after decimating Weibo Gaming in 2022 LPL Spring Split

From 2-4 to 9-4, Top could be the favorites to represent the LPL at MSI.

Image via Riot Games

Top Esports continued their post-Lunar New Year dominance in the 2022 LPL Spring Split today by taking down Weibo Gaming 2-0.

After starting their season 2-4, Top Esports have quickly become one of the LPL’s top teams in 2022. Top Esports entered today’s pivotal match against Weibo Gaming with an 8-4 record, in fifth place. 

On a six-match win streak, this League of Legends showdown with Weibo Gaming was set to be a true test to see if Top Esports’ hot streak was off luck or their growth as a contender for the 2022 LPL Spring Split title.

And the match between two top LPL teams was not close. Top Esports demolished both Weibo Gaming’s Nexus and pride in two dominant games.

Image via Top Esports

In game one, Top jungler Tian’s Viego ran rampant on Weibo Gaming, who were left helpless. Weibo Gaming had just three kills to their name at the end and Top won the game in 26 minutes. 

Then, in game two, Top Esports’ top laner Wayward decimated Weibo Gaming’s star top laner TheShy. Wayward’s Tryndamere was unstoppable past the early laning phase. And while both TheShy and Huanfeng put up strong teamfight performances, it wasn’t enough to stop Wayward from carrying Top Esports to a resounding 2-0 victory.

This win for Top Esports has made the race for the top two in the 2022 LPL Spring Split regular season one that will come down to the wire. They now find themselves with a strong opportunity to climb into a top-two position by the end of the split if they can win their final three matches. Top will be the favorites up against Invictus Gaming, Anyone’s Legends, and LGD Gaming and they’ll look to end their regular season on a 10-match win streak.

As for Weibo Gaming, this drops them down to third place in the 2022 LPL Spring Split with a 10-3 record. Weibo Gaming, at one point, were the LPL’s most consistent team after they went on an eight-series win streak that skyrocketed them toward the top of the standings. But since their loss to Royal Never Give Up, Weibo Gaming’s magic has seemingly died down, with their only match win since then coming against LGD Gaming in a three-game series.

Still, because of their early win streak, they’re in a strong position to end the regular season in a top-two spot in the LPL. Weibo Gaming will play against Rare Atom, Invictus Gaming, and JD Gaming to round out their regular season. 

The race for playoff seeding in the 2022 LPL Spring Split is nearing its end as the fight for the postseason intensifies. The regular season has been extended to March 25 to accommodate OMG’s positive COVID results.