Top Esports ended 2021 LPL Spring Split with a destructive average gold difference of 2,269 at 15 minutes

They have the highest gold difference among the world's major region teams.

Photo via Riot Games

After 10 weeks of furious play, the 2021 LPL Spring Split is finally headed to the playoffs. And although there were many teams battling it out for supremacy, only a few truly stood out as contenders for the title, including Top Esports, who ended the regular season with some of the best early game stats in the League of Legends region.

TES have a massive average gold difference at 15 minutes of 2,269, according to Oracle’s Elixir. That’s the highest early-game average gold difference in the LPL by a large margin, with FunPlus Phoenix coming in second with an average GD at 15 minutes of 1,737.

If you compare this number to the other leagues like the LEC, LCK, and LCS, TES actually have the highest 15-minute average gold difference among the best teams of the world’s major regions.

For example, Rogue have the highest early-game gold difference in Europe with 1,413, while T1 lead their league with an average difference of 1,230 gold at 15 minutes. The only team in the world that comes close to this mark is Team Liquid in North America, leading the league with a whopping 2,096 average gold difference at 15 minutes.

A lot of this early-game prowess comes from TES’ pure mechanical firepower. Whether its 369 in the top lane, Knight in mid lane, or Jackeylove in the bottom lane, this roster boasts some of the scariest players to face in the beginning stages of a match.

It also helps that TES love to bulldoze through their opponents early, snowballing leads they’ve gained through superior laning. Although they have shown a tendency towards overaggression, this team is still one of the most explosive lineups in the world and should be one of the most exciting to watch when the the LPL playoffs begin on April 1.

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