Thunder Lord Ornn is one of the coolest release skins we’ve seen in a while

It'd be an injustice to have a Norse-themed hammer wielding demigod and not make a reference to Thor.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve seen any of Ornn’s release footage yet, you’re probably just as excited for his release as we are. He has promise to be one of the most unique and enjoyable vanguard tanks to play in League of Legends. No one is surprised that his release skin looks this cool.

Thunder Lord Ornn will be the skin that our new favorite Freljordian demigod makes his debut with. It has custom animations, effects, and a new recall animation, and it’ll cost 1,350 RP to pick up.

You may recognize the name “Thunder Lord” from somewhere else in the game. There’s another playable Freljordian demigod—Volibear—and the Thunder Lord skin is one of his best. According to his new lore, Ornn may not agree with Volibear’s choice to meddle in mortal affairs—but that doesn’t mean they can’t share a rad skin line.

Ornn and his Thunder Lord skin are set to launch with Patch 7.17. Patch 7.16 just hit today, so that means we’re only a few weeks away from taking this gruff forgemaster to Summoner’s Rift. If you have access to the PBE you can try him out right now.