This fan-made Chemtech Fiddlesticks skin is gruesome in the best way possible

It is a perfect fit for Fiddlestick's fearsome themes.

Image via Riot Games

League’s Fiddlesticks has become a household name in Riot Games’ famous game and is one of the 17 original champions in League of Legends.

Throughout the years, Fiddlesticks has received an onslaught of various design and ability reworks that have helped the champion jump into viability in the professional League. But something that has not been done is a skin of Fiddlesticks featuring the Chemtech features. That is, until now.

Redditor /u/Vector098 shared the concept skin on March 8, saying: “I don’t really have any backstory for how this skin could exist, but I had the idea and couldn’t resist putting it to paper, so to speak. So, here’s Chemtech Fiddlesticks for the first stages anyway, I’m considering further developing it.”

In the design, Fiddle’s body consists of a green and brown scheme with accents of the gold metallic seen in the Chemtech theme. His signature scythe oozes green goo, while still donning the menacing grin he has been known for since his rework.

Fiddlesticks currently has nine skins in League of Legends, which range from themes like Surprise Party all the way to his most recent Praetorian themed skin, which was released in Nov. 2018.

It has been three years since Fiddlesticks has last received a skin, but the champion has received some love from Riot Games, such as his new rework on March 18, 2020. 

A longtime champion of League, Fiddlesticks is bound to receive more attention in the form of a new skin at one point. And who knows, maybe this Chemtech Fiddlesticks concept is something that Riot may explore in the future as the future 10th skin.

Nonetheless, the first concept art of the new League of Legends skin is amazing and further development of it will be one Fiddlesticks fans can get excited about.