The new Janna buffs in Patch 9.11 are broken

Janna has wind in her sails again thanks to these buffs.

Image via Riot Games

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Janna has been on the sidelines of the League of Legends meta for quite some time.

After the Ardent meta died down, Janna hasn’t really found a way back into the game over counterparts like Nami or Lulu. But in Patch 9.11, she was buffed in a way to give good Janna players the tools to succeed in any scenario.

Her W, Zephyr, received a cooldown buff in exchange for a damage nerf. In the later stages of the game, however, the trade-off is huge. Having an extra two seconds off at rank five means that Janna can use her W more often during a fight.

It’s net-positive in terms of damage, too. At rank five, if she uses Zephyr every time it’s off cooldown, she can deal 1,950 damage per minute, compared to the 1,762.5 in Patch 9.10. This means that Zephyr can be used as a potent poke tool in lane, while also being a way to annoy the enemy team as she seamlessly peels for her carries.

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Janna also received a slight change to her E, Eye of the Storm, which synergizes perfectly with the Zephyr change. Every time Janna slows or knocks back an enemy champion, Eye of the Storm’s cooldown is reduced by 20 percent.

The base cooldown of Eye of the Storm received a change as a result, down to 16 seconds at rank one (opposed to 18) but up to 12 seconds at rank five (from 10). In the late game, though, with the reduced Zephyr cooldown and the ability to proc the Eye of the Storm passive with every ability in her kit, Janna’s ability to shield carries will be unparalleled.

These changes mean that Janna can compete with Soraka, Lulu, Morgana, and Nami, who have been the dominant bot lane casters since the Ardent nerf. She has the ability to grant her carries a burst of stats, while also peeling and poking around teamfights. She has the tools to keep herself safe, slowing down enemies who try and dive her.

It gives her the tools to play more aggressively, too. With Zephyr’s cooldown being almost non-existent at rank five, she can weave in poke while in lane if she chooses to max it, and outsustain anyone who tries to trade back.

If you wanted to pick up Janna once again and make your enemies feel the wrath of the Storm’s Fury, Patch 9.11 is the perfect update to do so.