The Disparity Continues: LMS Week 4 Recap

Week 4 of the LMS continued the trend of Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club and J Team being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

Week four of the LMS took place this past weekend. Every match went as expected, further solidifying the top three teams in the region as the Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club and J Team, in that order. This week featured only four games, with Wayi Spider losing a match both days.

Friday, Feb. 17

(4-1) ahq e-Sports Club 2-0 Wayi Spider (0-6)

(4-1) J Team 2-1 Fire Ball (2-3)

Saturday, Feb. 18

(2-3) Machi E-Sports 2-0 Wayi Spider (0-6)

(5-0) Flash Wolves 2-0 Hong Kong Esports (2-3)

Current Standings:

  1. Flash Wolves (5-0)
  2. Ahq e-Sports Club (4-1)
  3. J Team (4-1)
  4. Fire Ball (2-3)
  5. Machi E-Sports (2-3)
  6. Hong Kong Esports (2-3)
  7. eXtreme Gamers (1-3)
  8. Wayi Spider (0-6)

As for the next week of play (March 3-5), the most anticipated matchups are Hong Kong Esports vs. eXtreme Gamers and the second-place showdown between J Team and ahq e-Sports Club. Hong Kong Esports will be looking to regain lost ground after they haven’t seen much success outside of their strong start to the split. The winner of the J Team and ahq e-Sports Club matchup will hold sole possession of the second place spot, one game behind Flash Wolves.

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