The best League skins released in 2021

Over 100 League skins were released in 2021. These are some of the best.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends skins team at Riot Games released over 100 skins in 2021, with a strong portion of the game’s champion roster each receiving a new skin at some point in the last year. Whether your main is a top-tier champion or an off-meta pick, there’s a chance they received a skin in 2021. 

From countless original skins to all of the additions to pre-existing skin lines in League, 2021 gave players more new visual options for their favorite champions than ever before. Here are some of the best League skins that were released this year. 

Duality Dragon Volibear

Image via Riot Games

One of League’s best skins this year belonged to Volibear, whose captivating Duality Dragon skin stands out as one of the most visually appealing skins of 2021. The color combination of blue and gold always catches the eye, while the red and gold themes of this skin’s prestige version are just as enticing. 

Nightbringer Lillia

Image via Riot Games

The Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skin lines dropped together in September, and no skin among the dual release was more enticing than Nightbringer Lillia. Lillia’s first skin since her initial release in 2020, Nightbringer is unlike any of her other appearances. With thematic elements such as burnt flora in all of her actions, Nightbringer Lillia takes on a much darker tone when compared to her lighter, more bubbly skins. 

Sentinel Vayne

Image via Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light event was not without its criticisms, but it did give way to one of the most exciting skins of the year in Sentinel Vayne. Although she has well over a dozen skins, Vayne’s latest skin is one of her strongest ever and is worth picking up for its bright gold aesthetic and visual effects. 

Ruined Miss Fortune 

Image via Riot Games

On the flip side of the Sentinel skins that were released this year, a handful of Ruined counterparts were released, and none are more visually appealing than Ruined Miss Fortune. The color combination of green and white on her model is head-turning, while her abilities’ effects capture that same energy. The waves of dark, ghoulish energy that erupt from her guns when casting Bullet Time (R) are a particular favorite visual effect of ours.  

Space Groove Lux

Image via Riot Games

Space Groove Lux was one of the simpler skins released in 2021, since it doesn’t rely on flashy colors or shiny effects to catch your eye. The beauty of Space Groove Lux lies in its spell effects; every one of Lux’s abilities takes on a retro-futuristic appearance, with Lucent Singularity (E) standing out in particular. What’s more unique than a disco ball with one of Saturn’s rings around it? 

Battle Academia Leona

Image via Riot Games

The second release of the Battle Academia skin line didn’t hold as much weight as the first round of skins, but if any one skin stood out from this year’s collection, it’s Leona’s. With a sleek, eye-catching model and ability effects that give off a galactic vibe, Battle Academia is one of Leona’s most unique skins. 

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