The best Bel’Veth build in League of Legends

Conquer the jungle with the Empress with this build.

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Bel’Veth is the 160th champion to be added to League of Legends. This time around, the Riots have given players an attack damage-based jungler, who also heavily relies on attack speed.

Her kit is unique, to say the least. With proper use, she can become incredibly mobile, laying down powerful attacks on her foes. At the same time, she can create an army of Voidlings, and with their help, she can rapidly take over Summoner’s Rift.

Still, like with every new champion in the game, mastering Bel’Veth isn’t easy. While her skills can smoothly cooperate with each other, it takes quite some time to excel with the Empress of the Void. 

But don’t worry, we’re going to cover all the important aspects of playing Bel’Veth, including the best runes and items you can pick up on her.

Image via Riot Games


Lethal Tempo: A lot of Bel’Veth’s power comes from empowered auto attacks and gaining permanent attack speed by eliminating large monsters and enemy champions. Thus, to further accelerate her growth in those terms, it’s best to go for Lethal Tempo. With that rune under your belt, you will gain additional attack speed. When fully stacked, your range will exceed for a bit, allowing you to have some distance between you and the enemies you’re attacking.

Triumph: With aggressive AD-based champions that aren’t exactly mana-hungry, Triumph is the best option to pick from the Precision tree. With this rune, you will restore some health once scoring a takedown, which may turn out pivotal in late-game teamfights.

Legend: Alacrity: This rune is needed on Bel’Veth to further increase her attack speed, since it gives you three percent of the stat at first and an extra 1.5 percent with every Legend stack. These stacks, naturally, are gained through champion, epic monster, large monsters, or minion takedowns. 

Last Stand: Like every fighter and bruiser in the game, while playing Bel’Veth, you will aim to get in the middle of the teamfights and wreak havoc upon enemy squishes. Usually, taking a position like this means you will be low on health. Therefore, Last Stand fits perfectly, since it influences your damage when you don’t have too many health bars.


Biscuit Delivery: A lot of champions struggle with sustain early, and it looks like Bel’Veth is one of them. To replenish your health after clearing camps and ganking, grab Biscuit Delivery. 

Cosmic Insight: To give yourself a shorter cooldown on Flash and Smite, two key Summoner spells on Bel’Veth, it’s worth picking Cosmic Insight. 

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +15-140 health

Starting items

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Emberknife: On Bel’Veth, having the Challenging Smite is much better than the Chilling Smite. The former will reduce the damage you take from a targeted champion while increasing your damage against him. As a fighter, you will be looking to have some sort of one-shot potential. Emberknife will turn into Challenging Smite.

Refillable Potion: Everyone needs some additional health early. The refillable potion is a must-have for junglers early on since it helps you to recover health and refills with every return to the fountain.

Core items

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Immortal Shieldbow: When playing Bel’Veth, there are two possible mythic options, but we believe that Immortal Shieldbow is the superior one. Besides boosting your moar important stats, like attack damage and attack speed, you will also gain a shield if you are reduced below 30 percent of your maximum health, which plays perfectly with Bel’Veth’s kit. On top of that, you will give your other legendary items five bonus attack damage and 70 bonus health. 

Guinsoo’s Rageblade: It’s a key option to furthermore enhance your attack speed and critical strike chance. Guinsoo’s has two passives that work tremendously well on AD-based champions who are auto-attack dependent.

Blade of the Ruined King: BOTRK is yet another major item for Bel’Veth, which is also great for empowering auto attacks. With this item in your inventory, you will deal additional damage depending on the enemies’ current health. You will also deal extra magic damage every three hits and steal 25 percent of your opponent’s movement speed for two seconds.

Late game items

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Plated Steelcaps: AD-based champions are favored in almost every lane at the moment, except for the mid lane. Naturally, these may vary from game to game and sometimes enemy composition will have too many crowd control tools, so choosing Mercury’s Treads might make more sense. Either way, when playing Bel’Veth, you want to obtain Plated Steelcaps or Threads. 

Death’s Dance: Death’s Dance is exceptional on Bel’Veth for three reasons: First, it influences your most important stats, like attack damage and ability haste. Secondly, it allows you to ignore a bit of physical damage, which could sometimes mean the difference between life and death. And last but not least, you will have the ability to heal a little with every takedown, which can prolong your presence in teamfights. 

Guardian’s Angel: This is probably the best item to close out the build on the Empress of the Void. With Guardian Angel, you’ll give yourself a chance at redemption if you happen to die in the late game.

Image via Riot Games

Situational items

Mercury’s Treads: You should buy this item depending on the opponent’s composition. If it has a lot of ability power-dealing champions or a bunch of crowd control tools, don’t hesitate to pick up Mercury’s Treads. 

Kraken Slayer: This is another viable mythic option on Bel’Veth. By choosing Kraken Slayer instead of Immortal Shieldbow, you trade shield and attack damage for additional damage on every third hit while boosting your attack speed. It’s a good pick-up against very squishy compositions.

Wit’s End: This one could be picked against AP-heavy squads since it grants you additional magic resistance. It also makes your auto attacks deal on-hit basic damage, so if your opponents are stacking armor, you might think about obtaining Wit’s End to increase their resistances. In situations like these, you may also think about trading one of your items for something that has armor penetration, like Lord Dominik’s Regards.

Mortal Reminder: This is a compulsory item against teams that have a lot of healing in their abilities. With Mortal Reminder, you’ll apply Grevious Wounds, which slows down replenishing health. Besides that, this item efficiently boosts your key statistics, like attack damage and attack speed.