The 5 best Kassadin skins in League of Legends

"Justice will be served."

Image via Riot Games

Kassadin is one League of Legends’ oldest champions. He’s gone through different kit iterations over the years after being a pick-or-ban champion in the game’s first few seasons.

While he’s fallen out of the meta due to various nerfs, he always found a way to claw back with new builds and playstyles. Although the recent item rework weakened Kassadin, players across the world are already finding new ways to play the Void Walker.

The mid laner has a total of eight skins to choose from. While some might be more visually appealing, others have a powerful backstory behind them.

Here are the five best skins available for Kassadin in League of Legends.

Harbringer Kassadin

Image via Riot Games

Harbringer was the most popular Kassadin skin until 2015, when Cosmic Reaver was released. Released in 2011, this skin invokes fear in Kassadin’s opponents with his menacing Darth Vaderesque form. While some long-time Kassadin players decided to stick with Harbringer as their most preferred skin, others migrated to the Cosmic Reaver, which gave the champion a much better visual look.

For the cost of 975 RP, you too can become Darth Vader in the League universe and silence your enemies. The skin is not tied to the Legacy Vault and can be always purchased without having to wait.

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin

Image via Riot Games

Born before the kindling of the stars, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin gave the champion a completely new look. Featuring a new model, particles for abilities, animations, and audio, the skin quickly became Kassadin players’ favorite skin.

The skin elevated Kassadin’s gameplay to a new level, allowing you to do your combos smoothly and clearly see the area of your E alongside R. This epic skin comes with a 1,350 RP price, but it’s worth it. It was arguably one of the best League skins when it launched in 2015 due to how good it looked. Everyone became envious of Kassadin players and watched with joy in the loading screen when a player used this cosmic skin.

Count Kassadin

Image via Riot Games

This Halloween-inspired skin offers Kassadin players the possibility to imagine themselves as a Count. Its aesthetics send you back in time to become Vlad the Impaler and unleash havoc upon your enemies. The skin features a new model, recall animation, and ability effects.

It was quickly picked up by Kassadin players as an alternative to the Cosmic Reaver when it was released for the darker aesthetic. For a price of 1,350 RP, you too can pick up this skin, but you’ll have to wait until the Legacy Vault is re-opened or get lucky with your Hextech Chest rolls.

Hextech Kassadin

Image via Riot Games

Hextech Kassadin gave the champion a steam punk look with gemstones in both his weapon and shoulders. While the skin featured high-quality animations, it is often considered inferior to both the Cosmic Reaver and Count skins. The fact that this skin’s locked behind 10 gemstones also didn’t help, with players struggling to get this skin.

But if you have the gemstones and want to have one of the more rare Kassadin skins, feel free to acquire it. It’ll spice up your games with its smooth animations and cosmic aesthetic, similar to the Cosmic Reaver skin.

Pre-void Kassadin

Image via Riot Games

Released in 2010, Pre-void Kassadin is one of the champion’s oldest skins. For the price of 520 RP, it featured a new look with no other particles, animations, or sounds. Over years, it became a sign of Kassadin smurfs. If you saw this skin, you knew you were in trouble. This trend continued for a couple of years until the champion received new skins with updated particles.

Showing how Kassadin was before being transformed into the Void, the aesthetic of this skin was a joy to watch even though it had no other updates. Over the years, the skin fell in priority with only long-time Kassadin players looking to use it, while smurfs or one-trick ponies migrated to the Cosmic Reaver skin, which fits the champion well.