The 5 best Jax skins in League of Legends

Some of these skins are no longer available.

Image via Riot Games

Jax is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and has continued to be a strong choice across multiple roles.

The melee fighter has the power to dominate close-range dueling with his stun or damage buffs. Given his popularity and longevity in the game, Jax also boasts an impressive line of skins offering a variety of looks for the champion, drawing from a range of different source material as inspiration.

Currently, Jax has 11 unique skins in the game spanning back to the champion’s introduction to League in 2009.

Some of these skins are widely available and used by many players, but others have become rare to see in the game.

Here are some of the best skins for Jax in League of Legends.

The top five Jax skins in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Mecha Kingdoms Jax

Image via Riot Games

Although the most expensive skin on the list, Mecha Kingdoms Jax is also one of the most impressive. As part of the Mecha Kingdoms skin line, this skin boasts impressive mechanical armor including attachable wings strapped to his back in place of the cape more commonly seen in other Jax skins. This complete redesign of the champion also includes an enormous ax in place of the lantern the character uses as a weapon.

Mecha Kingdoms Jax isn’t limited to the plain white color showcased in the splash art, however. Players have the option of purchasing multiple different chromas to customize the appearance of the skin.

While it’s not cheap at the price of 1,820 RP, Mecha Kingdoms Jax is absolutely one of the most impressive skins for the champion in the game and remains available for purchase in the store.

Pax Jax

Image via Riot Games

One of the oldest skins for the champion, Pax Jax is the rarest skin for Jax in the game. To acquire this skin players had to have attended one of two events to obtain the unlock code. The code was given out at PAX East and PAX Prime in 2010, before being available once again at PAX East 2011. Since then, there has been no way to get a hold of the skin outside of online code reselling or account sales.

Despite its limited availability, Pax Jax is one of the simpler skins for the champion. In this look, Jax dons a yellow cloak with a PacMan face on its torso and a straw hat. The weapon of choice for Jax also changed in this skin to a large pole in place of the lantern. Outside of these changes, there is little to showcase in this skin, but it remains one of his most sought-after looks due to the limited number of times players are seen using it in-game.

Nemeses Jax

Image via Riot Games

One of the most used Jax skins in League is Nemeses Jax. In this skin, Riot took a slightly different approach to the champion’s style and demeanor, granting him a darker, more menacing style.

While this skin showcases the champion in armor as opposed to his traditional cloth robes, Nemesis Jax retains the cape much like his default appearance. Boasting a Morning Star, this skin takes inspiration from medieval themes and adapts them to more closely suit Jax’s appearance. Nemeses Jax is one of the champion’s few skins that have chromas available. These allow players to customize the skin further by choosing from a selection of recolored styles available for a small price.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Jax skin at the standard 975 RP price point, then Nemesis Jax is worth considering.

SKT T1 Jax

Image via Riot Games

Another limited-time skin that’s also one of the champions oldest, SKT T1 Jax was first introduced back in 2013 to commemorate Impact’s winning performance on the champion at the 2013 World championship. Introduced alongside four other skins for SKT T1’s victory, this skin boasts a full character remodel for Jax and one of his more unique appearances. Sticking with the esports theme, the skin showcases Jax with a headset, team robes, and the championship trophy as his weapon. The skin also boasts unique sounds added to the game unavailable in his other skins.

While this skin is not currently available, players may still be able to get their hands on it when the Legacy vault is made available once again. But this is only done rarely, so it’s worth considering purchasing this skin when it does.

God Staff Jax

Image via Riot Games

One of the most impressive skins available for the champion, God Staff Jax offers a complete redesign of Jax’s appearance while keeping his core elements intact. This Epic skin boasts a ton of features including new sound effects, an impressive recall animation, a death animation, and visual effects.

Appearance-wise, Jax has never looked better. In this skin we finally see Jax take on a facepiece that is not the multiple dots we are familiar with, instead opting for a mask allowing his white hair to remain visible. The armor Jax dons in this skin is white and gold with the gold trim coming together in a ring around his head. The cape remains in this skin as well, but not many changes have been made there other than the color.

As the skin’s name implies, Jax has traded out the lantern for a staff dubbed the “God Staff” that, although looking like a lantern, boasts a distinct gold aura channeled through Jax’s hands from the staff.

At the cost of 1,350 RP some players may opt for other skins over God Staff Jax. But if you are after something sleek that boasts many unique changes to the appearance of the champion, God Staff Jax is the perfect skin.