Top Esports continue LPL domination with win over LGD Gaming

JackeyLove earned the title of MVP in both games.

Photo via Riot Games

Top Esports continued their League Pro League domination after another 2-0 series today, this time against LGD Gaming.

Bottom laner JackeyLove received both MVP votes after a huge performance on Aphelios in the first game and Kai’Sa in the second.

The first game was a long one with both teams playing passively for the most part. TES funneled resources into JackeyLove, building a fail-safe plan if the match went to the late game.

Aphelios’ power combined with the mechanical prowess of JackeyLove secured TES the first win of the series despite LGD’s efforts to secure most neutral objectives.

The second game began with an early laning phase domination from TES laners. While LGD tried to minimize their losses, it failed to work out in the end. TES used every small lead to snowball into a larger one, getting a tower after a kill, a dragon or herald after multiple kills, and the Baron after an ace. They were calculated and methodical and secured their second match win and the series victory.

TES have looked dominant for the past couple of years, finishing often near the top of the region’s leaderboard during the regular seasons and playoffs. Their recent success at the Mid-Season Cup could propel them to finally get their much-deserved LPL champion title.

TES’ matches next week are against much weaker teams, so they should be able to easily get two clean series. They will be facing LNG and EDG, both which are considered bottom-of-the-barrel teams. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to watch these matches.