Teamfight Tactics’ item randomness will be tweaked, Riot dev says

Randomness is a problem when deciding what you want to do in a match.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ autobattler Teamfight Tactics has just been released in open beta worldwide, but players have already noticed a big problem in the game: Getting items is just way too random.

Players can get no items at all in a neutral round while opponents get many, and they also might get duplicates or triplicates during that same round. Since combining items in TFT is key to enable certain champions and strategies, such randomness becomes a problem when a player is deciding what they’ll do in a match.

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But Riot developer August Browning said on Twitch that the TFT team is working on a fix to reduce the RNG of item drops.

“All I can say is we have plans,” Browning said during a Twitch livestream while answering a question about the team’s plans to tweak item randomness. “I can’t say exactly what it’s going to be, but we’re working on it.”

The only mechanic available today that reduces a bit of the item RNG is items on draft rounds. Players can pick one champion from a carousel every few rounds, and each of them carries an item. The items and champions that will spawn are defined at random, but players have a chance of picking the one that best suits their strategy if they’re drafting for items instead of champions.

Other than that, they can only drop items from minion and creature rounds at random. They’re not guaranteed to find an item, and if they do, the base item they’ll get is also random. The most they can control after that point is which champion will hold these items and which combinations they’ll make.

Browning hasn’t provided any estimates on when this item randomness fix is coming or what it’ll do to neutral rounds or drop rates in TFT.