Team Tyler1 beat out Team Yassuo to become Twitch Rivals League of Legends champions

All the trash talk was settled in this highly anticipated matchup.

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After tearing their way through the eight-team bracket of Twitch Rivals League of Legends Draft Showdown Four, Team Tyler1 were crowned the champions last night.

The team captained by Tyler faced off against Team Yassuo in the grand finals in a series that went back and forth. After winning the first game, Team Tyler1 recovered from their second game loss, closing out the series with a dominant performance to cement their championship. The series ended with Team Tyler1 initiating a teamfight that saw Dun secure a quadra kill on Twisted Fate, spelling the end for Team Yassuo.

To make their way into the finals of the playoffs, Team Tyler1 defeated Team Lohpally, while Team Yassuo shut out Team TFBlade 2-0 in their semifinal clash.

A heated back and forth between the team’s captains made this matchup the most anticipated of the event. In a clip from the Twitch Rivals’ stream, the pair can be seen comparing their in-game achievements.

Yassuo took aim at Tyler, claiming he often doesn’t achieve the Challenger rank in solo queue. Tyler responded by listing that he had achieved this in the ADC and jungle roles and is now in the process of trying to hit Challenger as a top lane player. Yassuo fired back that he had previously been Masters rank in jungle as well as EU and U.S. Challenger solo rank twice before the conversation between the two turned into a screaming match.

Ultimately, though, Tyler1 got the last laugh. Team Tyler1 will take home $25,000 for their first-place finish while runners-up Team Yassuo earned $15,000.