Team SoloMid Rolls Through: NA LCS Playoffs Semifinal Recap

Team SoloMid ruled the day, as they took down Counter Logic Gaming without breaking a sweat.

Today’s action in the North American League Championship Series (LCS) playoffs for the League of Legends 2016 Summer Split just concluded. The last semifinal match in the NA LCS playoffs pitted the first-seeded Team Solomid (17-1) against the fourth-seeded Counter Logic Gaming (10-8).

Here is what happened in the last semifinal match:

Game One

Sadly, game one had to be remade after the first few minutes because of a bug concerning Aurelion Sol, and the champion was banned for the remainder of the series. Once remade, the game was dominated by TSM.

Who led TSM in this total dominance? Who else? Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg with a 5/0/2 performance on Cassiopeia.

Game Two

Game two was a bit closer than the first, but TSM still came out victorious. It lasted a little longer and was a bit less dominant, but the game was always in TSM’s reach.

Continuing the theme on the new patch, top lane was very important in this game. Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell’s 5/2/7 performance on Gnar included a 100 CS lead over his lane opponent and perfect ultimate uses to win teamfights.

Game Three

Game three was not as close as game two, but it lasted just as long and was just as dominant as game one.

TSM stepped in with a plan to make finals and end this series with a clean 3-0 sweep, and that they did. It may have taken a while, but that is because it was a methodical win. They waited out their win conditions, slowly pushing up every lane and keeping control over objectives. Once again, Bjergsen and Hauntzer led the charge. Bjersen went 7/1/3 on Lissandra and Hauntzer went 3/0/9 on Gangplank, getting another 90 CS lead over his lane opponent.

Team SoloMid wins the series 3-0, advancing to the NA LCS Grand Finals against Cloud9.

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