Team Dynamics officially signs Peanut as new jungler for LCK’s 2021 season

The former SKT jungler is back in the LCK.

Photo via Riot Games

Peanut is back in the LCK. The 22-year-old jungle prodigy has parted ways with LGD Gaming in the LPL and joined one of the LCK’s newest organizations, Team Dynamics.

Peanut had a rough start to the year in the LPL, finishing 15th in the Spring Split. But after coming in sixth during the Summer Split, LGD picked up the pace during their playoff run and earned a spot in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. They finished the group stage at 3-3, ending their 2020 competitive season.

Peanut is one of the LCK’s most well-known junglers. He began his professional career in 2014 with NaJin e-mFire, where he stayed for a year until he joined ROX Tigers. ROX stomped their competition in 2016, finishing first in both the spring and summer regular seasons. Their great results with Peanut as the centerpiece propelled them to the World Championship. They reached the semifinals but were swiftly stopped by SKT T1, who went on to win their third World Championship title.

Over the years, Peanut has swapped teams on a yearly basis, playing for prominent squads like SKT, Longzhu Gaming, and Gen.G. Though some pundits thought it looked like his mechanical prowess was declining at the beginning of the year, he showed great promise in the Summer Split and at Worlds.

With Team Dynamics building a new roster after their disappointing eighth-place finish in the Summer Split, Peanut will once again look to become one of LCK’s best junglers.

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