Team 8: Statistical Profile, Weeks 1 to 6

Team 8 seemed to enterthe North American LCSas“Calitrlolz and friends”, riding the hype wave of their carry-oriented, pharmacy-school-deferring top laner.

Team 8 seemed to enter the North American LCS as “Calitrlolz and friends”, riding the hype wave of their carry-oriented, pharmacy-school-deferring top laner. They had some success with “wombo combo” compositions, most famously landing an incredible Malphite+Orianna combination against Team Impact, but struggled to expand their strategic range.

In the past few weeks, though, strong performances from jungler Porpoise and mid-laner Slooshi have showed that Team 8 is developing some diversity in not only their team compositions, but also their carry threats.

Let’s take a look at a statistical profile of Team 8 through the first six weeks of the 2015 Spring Split.

Team 8 Statistical Profile

  Wins Losses
Average Game Length 37.6 minutes 38.5 minutes
Gold Differential @ 10 Minutes +1,067 -1,083
Total Kills per Minute*  0.71 0.79
First Blood Percentage 5/6 (83%) 0/6 (0%)
Wards Placed per Minute  2.84 2.90
Wards Cleared per Minute 0.90 0.98

* Team kills + opponent kills combined.

Adjusted Gold Distribution

  Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
Wins 22.2% 18.1% 24.9% 23.0% 11.9%
Losses 22.2% 17.9% 24.1% 26.2% 9.6%

Average share of team’s total gold, excluding starting gold and base passive gold generation.

Damage to Champions Distribution

  Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
Wins 31.2% 16.2% 24.0% 18.5% 10.1%
Losses 25.1% 13.3% 22.3% 31.0% 8.3%

Average share of team’s total damage dealt to champions per game.

Keys to Victory

Based on past performances, Team 8 has a good chance to win if:

They secure first blood and win early game

Team 8 has never given up first blood and won, and in their wins they average early gold leads at 10 minutes, compared to 10-minute deficits in their losses.

They play the map

In Team 8’s wins, there have been fewer total kills (their kills + opponents’ kills) per minute. Team 8 should try to avoid constant skirmishing and team fighting and look to use their lead to play the map.

Calitrlolz rolls

In their wins, Team 8’s much-hyped top laner has taken the team on his shoulders, doing nearly a third (31%) of the team’s damage to enemy champions. Slooshi has also contributed more damage from the midlane in Team 8 wins, reducing the team’s reliance on their AD Carry as the main damage source.

Team 8 will put themselves in a tough spot if:

  • They give up first blood and/or lose the early game.
  • They fight too often.
  • They rely too heavily on Maplestreet to carry.


Looking for more statistical analysis and insights from the NA LCS? Let me know which team, player, or specific statistic you’d like to see broken down by leaving a comment.